Printing In Virtual Reality : Part I

Intro Welcome folks, I hope you are keeping safe and well. I’m going to spend some time on a series of articles and some tooling to aid in the creation of brushes and technical art for TiltBrush software. This article is intended to be the first in a series. Please be aware that the Python code in this article and in the associated toolset is deliberately written to be verbose and expressive. [Read More]

Exploring The Maurer Rose

Hiya folks, I spent a little time over the week reading about Rhodonea (Rose) curves, and generating some beautiful plots from what I learned. The following image created by Jason Davies illustrates curves plotted from a number of different curve parameters. As you can see, some parameters produce beautiful graphs some even resembling flowers. Even the more complex plots can contain inset flowers. The graphs with more complex patterns piqued my curiosity and as I read more on the topic I happened upon a spectacular example called the Maurer rose. [Read More]